Andrés García-Peña

Copyright 2014

Gondolier NYC new york city

“Andrés García-Peña started his career in New York City as a muralist and prominent figure in the East Village art scene of the Eighties. Since then he has lived and worked in Barcelona, and currently keeps his studio in Brooklyn. World renown as the "Central Park Gondolier," García-Peña has exhibited internationally, with solo shows in Mexico, Colombia, Holland, Spain, Sweden and throughout the United States. He continues to work extensively in public art and has recently completed commissions for the Children's Aid Society here in New York.

García-Peña's paintings, rich narratives woven in broad cultural tapestries, are overflowing with a love of life- from a passion for its absurd pathos to a deeper appetite for its more carnal delights. A poetics of time and place, García-Peña's art is strung between the street vernacular of the urban world and the more subtle mysteries of the land. García-Peña slips between the chaotic extremes of our cultural schizophrenia, creating seamlessly fluid epics in which impossible juxtapositions and fantastical whimsies float in a suspension of belief. Here the transgressive is a metaphor for the sublime and the quotidian a means to mesmeric hallucination.”

Carlo McCormick
Senior Editor, Paper Magazine